Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Type Of Betta Fish Illness Does My Betta have?

Well for one thing my Betta Fish had a Betta Fish Illness that you couldn't get rid of. Unfortunituly he later died. See... It all started last march when the whether was rainy then sunny off and off. Well I usually put my betta fish next to the windw seal before I left work.

This day I remember moving his bowl next to the window thinking how bad the whether was going to be so I didn't have to worry about him getting over cooked.

So I left to work came home around 4:00.

I did the usual feed him moved him into a dark corner and read the daily paper. I didnt notice my bettas illness until I was going to bed and noticed how slow he was moving. 

Now when I start to feed my betta to help his illness he doesnt act like a fish and eat he just lets the betta food drift to the side.

For now I am going to do more research I will keep you posted on the type of Betta Fish Illness .

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